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PWC & Small Jet Craft - Click any image below for more information.

Many maritime organisations around the world now use Personal Water Craft (PWC) for patrolling and rapid response. PWC have handlebar steering and utilise waterjet propulsion for high performance with stock craft achieving over 60 knots. The driver sits or stands on a PWC, one or two passengers can be carried onboard with the option to tow a sled. The coast guard defines a personal watercraft as a jet drive boat less than 13 feet (4m) in length. Characteristics include small footprint, light weight and inversion protection. Rescue Water Craft (RWC) are able to operate with team members, casualties or survivors in the water. Shallow draft and manoeuvrability for tight quarters or confined spaces enable RWC to operate in areas that larger craft cannot reach including standing water, riverine environments, flooded areas and breaking surf.