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Bolster Suspension Seats - Click any image below for more information.

Bolster and semi-standing seats are required by certain professional RIB, RHIB and High Speed Craft organisations. A high stand up position with leaning support or a wrap around 'bolster' design may be selected to allow the crew to move around the boat for boarding, to use weapons, to take cover behind ballistic protection or to operate specialist equipment. A dual position, sit or stand option, enables bolster seats to be used as suspension seats. A well designed bolster gives excellent lateral support. Pistol-grip handholds can improve stability in extreme conditions. Lateral support may be rigid to save space or heavilly padded as used on high performance 'go-fast' boats. Some bolster designs include a step or platform to isolate the occupant from the deck. Ballistic protection can be built into the back and sides of the upper bolster unit.