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Euronaval 2016 - Significant Navy Event in Paris

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Euronaval 2016 - Significant Navy Event in Paris

Euronaval 2016 at Le Bourget Paris - 17 to 21 October

EURONAVAL 2016 will be held at the Le Bourget exhibition centre in Paris from 17th to 21st October 2016.

As a trade show, open only to professional visitors, EURONAVAL has traditionally covered missions ranging from naval sovereignty to state actions at sea, including the enforcement of public order at sea, maritime & fisheries policing, maritime & coastal surveillance.

EURONAVAL is a leading international naval defence, maritime safety and security event organised under the joint patronage of the French Ministry of Defence and Secretariat of State for the Sea. EURONAVAL offers a meeting venue for exhibitors, buyers and influencers who play an essential role in their countries’ maritime acquisition programmes.

The opening colloquium of EURONAVAL 2016, titled ‘Together for Safe and Secure Oceans’, brings together leading personalities from across the broad spectrum of maritime security to discuss the new challenges and how to address them in the most efficient and sustainable way possible.

Euronaval 2016 Theme: Together for Safe and Secure Oceans

Open, safe and secure seas are vital for global prosperity and development. In an era of unprecedented globalisation, markets are increasingly interdependent while security challenges transcend national borders and traditional security prisms.

The emergence of new actors, new capabilities, and new security theatres has led to an increased militarisation of international waters and exacerbated existing geopolitical rivalries. Moreover, non-traditional security threats – from maritime piracy, terrorism, mass migration, illegal fishing and other criminal activities, to marine pollution, resource depletion and increasingly frequent natural disasters – represent additional challenges for the realm of maritime security.

Interconnected by nature, the global maritime domain can only be secured through concerted efforts among all stakeholders – including public and private, as well as civilian and military actors. Effective cooperation and coordination need to be ensured not only at an inter-state level, but also between the various national maritime agencies – be it navy, coast guards, customs, as well as the private and non-governmental sector – in a comprehensive manner.

Crises at sea are driven by, and inherently connected to, problems on land, and therefore need to be addressed in a holistic manner. All the above is reflected in the European Union’s 2014 Maritime Security Strategy (EUMSS), which represents one of the landmark documents for addressing the complex maritime security challenges of the 21st century.

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Session 1: The Future of Maritime Security: Low-end Operations

The global maritime environment has become busier, more fragile, more contested, and more complex – a trend which is unlikely to change in the years to come. From enhancing maritime situational awareness, information-sharing, to search and rescue operations, and countering crime, the tasks and needs of maritime law enforcement agencies have never been more varied. How can the maritime industry respond to these changing needs in a proactive and flexible manner? What innovative technologies and approaches could contribute to keeping our seas safe, secure and open to all?

Session 2: The Future of Naval Warfare: High-end Operations

Our current strategic environment is in flux. The emergence of new naval powers, technological capabilities, and hybrid warfare tactics, calls for a rethinking of traditional security approaches and operational capacities. While interests and geopolitics drive global security dynamics, preventing crises requires better coordination between the policy, military and industrial spheres. How can the naval industry anticipate the needs of governments if diplomacy fails? What could be the ‘game changing’ technologies of the future?

Euronaval statistics:

More than 350 exhibitors
55% of exhibitors from abroad representing 28 countries
15, 000 square metres of exhibition space
Over 90 official delegations from 70 countries in 2016
24,655 visits from over 100 countries in 2014

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