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MAIB - Marine Accident Investigation Branch

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MAIB - Marine Accident Investigation Branch

MAIB - The Marine Accident Investigation Branch

The MAIB investigates marine accidents involving UK vessels worldwide and all vessels in UK territorial waters. The MAIB's job is to help prevent further avoidable accidents from occurring, not to establish blame or liability.

The MAIB receives between 1500 and 1800 reports of accidents of all types and severity each year. On average this leads to 30 separate investigations being launched.

The Marine Accident Investigation Branch, located in offices in Southampton UK, is a branch of the Department for Transport.

The MAIB has four teams of experienced accident investigators, each comprising a principal inspector and three inspectors drawn from the nautical, engineering, naval architecture or fishing disciplines.

The role of the MAIB is to contribute to safety at sea by determining the causes and circumstances of marine accidents and working with others to reduce the likelihood of such accidents recurring in the future. Accident investigations are conducted solely in the interest of future safety. The MAIB does not apportion blame and it does not establish liability, enforce laws or carry out prosecutions.

MAIB Responsibilities

  • Carrying out investigations to determine the causes of accidents at sea.

  • Publishing reports that include recommendations on improving safety at sea and the actions MAIB have taken.

  • Increasing awareness of how marine accidents happen.

  • Improving national and international co-operation in marine accident investigations.

MAIB Priorities

  • Maintain position as one of the world’s leading safety investigation organisations.

  • Help set standards in marine accident investigation by following best practice and asking those the MAIB work with to do the same.

  • Provide MAIB staff with regular specialised training to keep expertise up to date.

What Is An Accident?

The full definition of an accident is contained in the MAIB’s enabling regulations. In summary, an accident is an undesired event that has occurred directly by, or in connection with the operation of a ship, that has resulted in:

  • The loss or abandonment of the ship.

  • Death, serious injury, or the loss of a person from a ship.

  • Stranding or disabling of a ship.

  • Material damage to the ship, another ship or marine structure.

  • Serious pollution.

Accidents, including serious injuries, should be reported to the MAIB by the quickest possible means to enable inspectors to start an investigation before vital evidence decays, is removed or is lost.

The MAIB has a dedicated line for accident reporting, staffed 24 hours a day. From inside the UK dial 023 8023 2527. From outside the UK dial +44 23 8023 2527.


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