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RIBs and similar craft are used in many parts of the world to carry relatively large numbers of personnel at speed. Professional operations range from tour boats to crew boats. With Tour Boats there is a growing demand for high performance boats and RIBs to carry paying passengers. These boats are used for Corporate Events, Safari, Nature Watching and Thrill Rides. Typical seating is either rows of jockey style straddle seating or bench type seating. Bench seating fits a wide range of people sizes but jockey seating is preferred for adult passengers in potentially rough conditions. Crew Boats are used to transfer crew between locations. These fast boats and RIBs are used to transport oil & gas workers, diving contractors, construction workers and security teams. These boats are usually manned by 1 coxswain and 1 crew member. To satisfy coding in European waters typical passenger numbers are 2 crew plus 12 passengers on a 12 metre (37 foot) craft.