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Established in 2000, Scot Seats Group are designers and manufacturers of specialist seating for transportation. The UK based company manufacture approximately 12,000 commercial vehicle seats each year. Scot Seats-KPM Marine provide specialist shock mitigation seats for maritime applications that are used globally by rescue services, military operators, police forces and commercial boat operators.

As an ISO 9001 approved company, all products are manufactured to high standards and provisions are in place for working to EU conformity of production procedures. The company closely follows the directives and guidance notes set out by the EU HSE and UK MCA regarding the effects of Repetitive Shock and Whole Body Vibration (RS & WBV) on vehicle occupants, boat crews and passengers. Scot Seats have presented at international Shock Mitigation conferences and specialist marine industry workshops.



Scot Seats Group is a family owned and operated business based in Ayrshire, Scotland. In-house skills include metal fabrication, joinery, upholstery, spray painting, coating and composite manufacture. Facilitating both small and large orders to customers’ specific requirements as well as numerous customised specialist seating and mounting systems.

Scot Seats Direct Ltd is a market leader in seating manufacture for commercial vehicles, buses, trains, fire engines and military use. All seats comply with regulations pertaining to each industry for which they are intended and the team work closely with their customers advising and assisting with the specification. Manufacturing lead times are generally short and Scot Seats has a nationwide fitting service with fully trained technicians to service customer needs.

Jonathan Young - Managing Director, Scot Seat KPM Marine

"Scot Seats are dedicated to improving the comfort and safety for all transportation seating. We believe that carefully selected suspension seating is a key part of shock mitigation in waves."

"On larger vessels occupants tend to use the fully seated, feet off the deck shock mitigation seat. These seats are available with a safety harness or lap safety belt to secure the occupant in the seated position at all times."

"Jockey seats are by far the most popular for small to medium high speed craft. In this seat position the occupant is part standing with both feet on the deck and knees slightly bent. Similar to a saddle on a horse, straddling the seat helps to maintain the correct posture to lessen the chance of injury in waves."

"Most importantly, our seats can be adjusted according to the height and weight of the people using them."



"Our new Height Adjustment Mechanism is designed with a one touch button that enables users to adjust the seat height as they sit down or stand up. Height adjustment is ideal for vessels that regularly have a variety of crew and passengers."

We are proud to work with various organisations and regulatory bodies to ensure that our seats meet the requirements and standards expected for shock mitigation seating. Our suspension systems are continuously undergoing testing and as a result we have amassed a vast amount of data in all sea states that is collated to improve designs and manufacturing techniques."

View Scot Seat Products

Scot Seats S2 Wide Jockey Seat

Seat Type: Wide Jockey Suspension Seat

Seat Dimensions: H 1160 x W 355 x D 675mm

Seat Weight: 23.5 kg / 52 lbs

Applications: Internal / External

Scot Seats S2J & S3J Jockey Seat

Seat Type: Jockey Suspension Seat

Seat Dimensions: H 1160 x W 400 x D 675mm

Seat Weight: 21.5 kg / 47 lbs

Applications: Internal / External

Scot Seats S2 Helmsman Suspension Seat

Seat Type: Helmsman / Crew Suspension Seat

Seat Dimensions: H 1110 x W 450 x D 640 mm

Seat Weight: 21 kg / 46 lbs

Applications: Internal / External