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MAN OVERBOARD Prevention & Recovery 2018

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MAN OVERBOARD Prevention & Recovery 2018

Specialist MOB Workshop Southampton UK - 17 April 2018

MAN OVERBOARD Prevention & Recovery Workshop is being held at the Grand Harbour hotel and conference venue in the port of Southampton UK on 17 April 2018.

All sectors are invited to participate in this unique one day event that highlights the hard lessons learned from recent fatalities. The MOB Workshop aims to reduce the risk of people falling in the water on and around vessels of all sizes. 

Using the latest knowledge from around the world this group will identify the effectiveness of traditional man overboard (MOB) methods versus innovative systems. Viable solutions need to be simple and effective. For professional organisations the unique knowledge gained from presentations and networking sessions will help to shape long term decisions that lead to improvements for current operations, along with procurement of next generation boats and equipment.

Workshop organiser, John Haynes, said, ‘We focus on current issues, plus emerging areas of concern that operators may need to face tomorrow. In a changing world the use of technology is increasing for many organisations, but safety remains high on the agenda for professional mariners. Preventing and dealing with man overboard situations is relevant to all people going on, or working near to water.’

Workshop topics cover MOB prevention, including improved operating procedures and use of ‘fit for purpose’ personal protective equipment (PPE). Personnel transfer looks at preventing MOB incidents and injury between vessels. Primary reactions highlight effective responses to MOB situations including fast location of casualty. Solutions range from simple and effective crew lookout to complex electronic devices.

MOB communication starts with returning to the person in the water rapidly then expands to engaging shore side emergency services, air sea rescue and other vessels. Managing the casualty examines lifting onboard considering injuries, immediate treatment and the survival timeline. After effects of an MOB Incident range from personal care for the survivor and their family to legal issues for the employer.

Attendees include commercial, professional and military end-user organisations, along with boat operators, boat builders, equipment manufacturers, naval architects, safety integrators, training organisations and legislators. Presentations are relevant to passenger vessels, pilot boats, police, patrol craft, survey vessels, work boats, superyacht tenders, military craft, search & rescue vessels, ports and marinas.

John Haynes added, ‘We have shaped this agenda by asking a dynamic industry group to share their confidential concerns about personal safety in the maritime workplace. This open approach generates burning questions with plenty of constructive discussions. Man overboard and death by drowning or exposure is still the prime risk for anyone that goes to sea. We simply aim to reduce that risk.’

Supporters include University of Southampton, Southampton Marine & Maritime Institute (SMMI). There is a discount rate for members of British Marine, RINA, SSA, UKMPA, UKHMA, YBDSA.

MAN OVERBOARD Prevention & Recovery Workshop 2018 >



Topics include location of a casualty in the water and solutions range from crew keeping a traditional lookout to selecting and using the latest electronic devices.

Besides the challenge of working in rough conditions lifting the casualty can be hampered by injuries, clothing and vessel design.

Workshop Lead John Haynes said, ‘We fully appreciate that the whole subject of MOB prevention, location, recovery and treatment can only be touched upon in a one day seminar. Our objective is to bring together people with genuine experience to share knowledge and endeavour to improve best practice across all maritime sectors.’ 

Background to the MOB Workshop Programme

Shock Mitigation run specialist events that create an independent platform where maritime organisations address relevant issues and share knowledge between sectors

Support for NEXT GENERATION Workshops has been excellent from both end-user organisations and the marine industry. Attendees include Professional, Commercial and Military Organisations, Boat Operators, Boat Builders, Equipment Manufacturers and Maritime Legislators.

Shock Mitigation ran the first MAN Overboard Prevention and Recovery Workshop in April 2017. Presenters included subject matter experts from UK Marine Accident Investigation Branch, UK Maritime Pilots Association, Port of London Authority, Royal National Lifeboat Institution, HM Coast Guard Maritime Operations Centre and maritime medical solutions consultants. Feedback from all attendees and presenters was extremely positive and issues raised will be part of the MOB Workshop programme in 2018.

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