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Marine Jet Power (MJP) has designed and manufactured high performance waterjet propulsion systems for over 30 years. Based in Sweden, MJP is a global supplier of waterjets with a support network in EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa), North & South America and the APAC (Asia Pacific) region.

Commercial operations utilising MJP propulsion and control systems include fast passenger ferries, windfarm support vessels, offshore industry, workboats, fire fighting and towing. Military and government end users with uncompromising demands for heavy-duty engineering include navies, coast guards, border forces, marines and special forces. MJP waterjets are specified on patrol vessels, landing craft and high speed interceptors to deliver speed, manoeuvrability and reliability in dynamic situations.

MJP is a true marine propulsion partner, specializing in stainless steel, mixed flow waterjet propulsion. MJP waterjets are used in many diverse applications worldwide. Over 100 million running hours strong, MJP waterjets are designed with low operating costs and ease of maintenance in mind. The team at MJP believes in a full-service approach, from performance and efficiency to aftermarket support and service.


View Marine Jet Power Products

MJP Ultrajet Waterjet

Applications: Commercial / Military

Engine Sizes: 100 to 1340 kW / 134 to 2172 hp

Characteristics: Lightweight / Compact / Durable

MJP Control System: Mechanical or Electronic

MJP X Series Waterjet

Applications: Commercial / Military

280 X - Waterjet: 580 kW - Power

310 X - Waterjet: 700 kW - Power

350 X - Waterjet: 900 kW - Power

MJP CSU Series Waterjet

550 CSU - Waterjet: 2500 kW - Power

650 CSU - Waterjet: 3000 kW - Power

750 CSU - Waterjet: 4000 kW - Power

850 CSU - Waterjet: 6000 kW - Power