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MN100 - Marine News Launches Annual List

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MN100 - Marine News Launches Annual List

Marine News Launches Annual MN 100 List

MN100 is the first annual Marine News list that chronicles the 100 leading companies serving the North American shallow draft market.

Joseph Keefe, Editor of Marine News said, ‘MN 100 is done and dusted! The formidable effort, now safely in my choppy wake, provides a telling snapshot of just what makes this sector of the marine industry great.'

The 100 firms outlined within these pages also shed considerable light on the breathtaking breadth of business happening on the water, in the yard and in myriad marine workshops, consultancies and manufacturing concerns.

The first annual Marine News MN100 awards edition is the brown water and workboat industry’s ranking of leading stakeholders serving the inland, coastal, offshore and shallow-draft markets.

Keefe said, ‘The buck stops at my desk when it comes to the MN100 edition. I vetted all entries and personally selected the firms for which we chopped down trees and applied ink to paper. All gallows humor aside, I found this particular edition to be one of my most challenging; certainly one of the most interesting, and at the end of several very long days, one of the most enlightening tasks I’ve ever attempted.’

Keefe added, 'Beyond the selection process, however, this edition allowed me to reconnect at a grassroots level with hundreds of companies. Just when you think that you understand exactly what XYZ Consulting or ABC Shipbuilding does for a living, the process of digging just a little deeper turns out to be an invaluable exercise. It also provides perspective on what we should be writing about next.'

John Haynes, Managing Director of MN100 company Shock Mitigation, said, ‘Full marks for all MN 100 participants and the high level of support delivered by Marine News, Maritime Reporter and Marine Link for all the sectors. We are proud to be included with this group of professionals.’



MN 100 - Shock Mitigation

Shock Mitigation brings together market analysis, communication, training and specialist online resources that link manufacturers and international decision makers. The company provides marine organizations, boat builders and equipment manufacturers with relevant subject matter expertise plus an independent overview of how this sector is rapidly changing.

The objective is to communicate clear information to all levels of international audience. For OEM boat builders and equipment manufacturers, Shock Mitigation addresses specific product development requirements regarding high speed craft, marine and special projects. The aim is to work with new and experienced clients to develop products, new technologies and processes relevant to the end user.

MN 100 - The Case

The RIB and High Speed Craft Directory brings together specialist boats, equipment and new technology for maritime professionals. RIB & HSC eNews and eArticle give insight to significant issues for the fast boat sector. These unique and independent online resources benefit all levels of military, professional and commercial marine organizations worldwide.

For professional maritime organizations operating fast boats, Shock Mitigation brings together subject matter expertise to reduce injury, increase efficiency and reduce the risk of damaging litigation. The objective is to improve the overall approach to crew safety and the operational performance of boats and equipment. Knowledge is shaped by experience and understanding the factors that are driving the changes for employers and operators in the marine sector worldwide.

MN100 - Marine News Annual List of 100 Leading Companies

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