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SEAir Foiling System Design Service

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SEAir foiling system design service utilises many years of expertise in foiling power boats and sailing yachts. In partnership with boat builders, SEAir can assist with alterations to existing boats or contribute to the design of new foiling boats. Besides being adjustable for performance in varying conditions, SEAir foiling systems can be folding or retractable. Professional applications range from high performance tenders and fast passenger transport to specialist military platforms.

Hydrofoil design is crucial to the success of getting a boat airborne and keeping it flying safely in a range of sea conditions. SEAir design team expertise provides optimal sizing of the foils, along with the profile and structure. Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is used to validate the structural features of vessels and subsystems. The modelling of Fluid Structure Interactions (FSI) to validate the flows and behaviour of hulls utilising foils is carried out.

A team of composite technicians manages the assembly and production department for integration in existing boats or prototype production. Whether working on existing series boats or designing new models, SEAir has expertise in taking measurements and analysing boat behaviour. Data is collected during sea trials using structural and dynamic sensors, with individual sensors to assess human factors.

Based on extensive expertise in foiling boats the design team draw up foiling standards that are implemented in the onboard systems. Maintaining the best possible horizontal boat position, along with enhanced comfort and safety, requires an excellent command of mechanics and servo control loops. SEAir solutions include kinematics, trimming, servo control systems and piloting electronics. SEAir foiling systems are designed to provide both a reduction in fuel consumption and shock mitigation, enabling boats and people to travel further at sea in comfort.

SEAir clients include:-

French Navy, Sillinger, Zodiac Nautic, Beneteau, Zodiac Milpro, French Special Forces

Contact Details:-

SEAir - Tel: +33 (0)9 72 60 10 84

10 rue du Chalutier les 2 Anges, 56100 Lorient, France

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