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SKYDEX Impact Mitigating Seat Cushion Inserts


25mm Seat Inserts


50mm Seat Inserts


75mm Seat Inserts


Suitable for New Builds & Seat Refits

SKYDEX Impact Mitigating Seat Cushion Inserts can be integrated in all types of marine seating, from jockey and bench seats on RIBs and powerboats to wheelhouse seating. SKYDEX Seat Cushion Inserts are available in a range of tuned performance layers and thicknesses for new build or retrofit seating. SKYDEX Seat Inserts can also be used to optimize the performance of cushions on mechanical suspensions seats.

SINGLE LAYER 25mm Seat Inserts offer significant improvements over ‘foam only’ cushions including increased memory, comfort and long life. DOUBLE LAYER 50mm Seat Inserts deliver all round comfort with the 2 tuned layers giving increased performance. TRIPLE LAYER 75mm Seat Inserts utilize 3 tuned layers to give optimum comfort and support.

Repetitive Shock and Whole Body Vibration (RS & WBV) can affect the occupants of marine craft in waves. Sitting on seats with SKYDEX impact mitigating cushion inserts can reduce fatigue and increase comfort. Metrics demonstrate how cushions with SKYDEX Inserts reduce the effects of RS and WBV within the existing seat footprint and with no weight gain.

Requiring no set up or adjustment and performing in multi-axes, SKYDEX cushions significantly improve shock mitigation and comfort for all sizes of seat occupants in a wide range of sea conditions. SKYDEX technology works by utilizing elastomers and proprietary geometries to create a multiphase spring that is engineered to react differently to various levels of impact and vibration. SKYDEX impact mitigating decking is installed on over 6000 military, professional and commercial vessels.

SKYDEX Seating clients include:-

RNLI - Royal National Lifeboat Institution, KNRM - Dutch Lifeboat, Scot Seats, Silver Ships, USMI, Safe Boats International, Ring, Parker RIBs, Velocity RibRide

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