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SKYDEX Performance Series Boat Decking - P16

Depth Overall:


Top Surface:

Grey / Coin Top Grip

High Performance:

Stable Underfoot / Reduce Fatigue


Suitable for New Builds & Retrofit

SKYDEX Performance Series P16 is a lightweight, slim profile decking that delivers all round performance. The top surface of P16 decking is designed for durability. SKYDEX shock mitigating boat decking can be fitted on new boats or as a retro-fit solution to reduce the effects of shock and vibration for any craft.

SKYDEX decking is stable underfoot and provides excellent grip. Standing on SKYDEX impact mitigating boat decking can reduce fatigue and helps to reduce the effects of wave slams when standing or moving around the vessel. SKYDEX Boat Decking is designed to mitigate the force of an impact by absorbing energy over a longer period of time. Foam decking products typically compress with limited memory.

SKYDEX decking material is cut to fit around consoles and seating. Decking can be modified to allow access to hatches, tie downs, weapons mounts and deck fittings. SKYDEX Boat Decking protects casualties and sensitive equipment carried on the deck when exposed to vibration and impacts. SKYDEX Decking can protect boat teams from the extreme temperatures of standing on cold and hot decks.

Repetitive Shock and Whole Body Vibration (RS & WBV) can affect the occupants of marine craft operating in waves. SKYDEX aims to improve comfort and safety for crew and passengers on all types of RIBs, fast craft and workboats. SKYDEX technology works by utilizing elastomers and proprietary geometries to create a multiphase spring that is engineered to react differently to various levels of impact and vibration. SKYDEX impact mitigating decking is installed on over 6000 vessels.

SKYDEX Boat Decking clients include:-

US Navy, Safe Boats International, USMI - United States Marine Inc, Metal Shark, Brunswick Marine, Silver Ships, RNLI, Parker RIBs, CDI Marine, Fraser’s Marine, Beach Marine, Nielsen Beaumont, Law Enforcement Agencies, Search & Rescue

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